Why Junbro offer stainless steel pipe nipples?

Why Junbro offer stainless steel pipe nipples


In our homes, places of works, institutions and even in big companies, pipping and plumbing is basically one of the key issues that contractors and constructors take extra caution about. This is because a mere mistake in piping or plumbing may go a long way to cause disaster and incur cost on any institution. The pipe nipple for instance is the only part that connects the pipeline with the inner water tank. Once the pipe nipple experiences a problem, the entire water tank has to be taken down for repair. That is why at Junbro we offer pipe nipples.


Pipe nipples at Junbro have reduced welding leakage rate reduced by 85%. Our pipe nipples are made 304 or 316L stainless steel material with a thread tolerance of 0.05mm and a diameter tolerance of 0.2mm. Moreover, Junbro produces a range of pipe nipples including the close nipple, pipe nipple, hexagon nipple, galvanized nipple and BSP pipe nipples. All the pipe nipple are arranged according to the different sizes and be polished or fabricated as per the customers specifications. Above all, stainless pipe nipples are resistant to corrosion and can withstand pressure. The molybdenum and nickle content in stainless pipe nipples reduces the tendency of the pipe nipple to crack and supplies a higher tensile strength at elevated temperature.

Strict inspection at each stage of production process is conducted up to the final moment when the product is dispatched to the consumers. Annealing and pickling are done on the pipe nipples in the final stages of manufacture. Annealing involves heat treatment in a bid to alter the physical and chemical properties of the material to increase ductility. Pickling is a metal surface treatment to remove impurities. At Junbro, the final product is actually visually examined to ensure that the pipe nipples meet ASME, MSS,EN and JIS codes and standards.

Pipe nipples at Junbro are well packaged to avoid any damage or misappropriation in the design and make of the product. All the products are marked with the Junbro trademark, degree and also the size.

Better service calls for better products. Quality is the key word here. Its not really fun to replace pipe nipples every now and then just because you always install low quality pipe nipples in your piping errands.Junbro offers the best of pipe nipples for all ranges of use that come in different ranges and can be customized to suit the specification of you as the end user. Maximum quality for our customers is the key issue in Junbro. Contact us now for more detailed information about our products and services.

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