Vacuum Tube Solar Panels Information Manual

While we run courses on designing and installing your own solar system, doing this is not beyond the scope of most competent DIY enthusiasts and plumbers. This manual assumes that you are a plumber or have plumbing experience. You will find useful information here to help you design and install a system and to specify the equipment you want to use.

If you don’t understand any aspect of this document, please email us – it is essential that solar panels be fitted properly. Like a solid fuel range, they produce heat all of the time, regardless of whether your pump is working and for that reason, certain safety considerations must be properly understood.

What can you use solar panels for?

Domestic Hot Water – If your house is well insulated, you will not be using your central heating much between March and October. During this time, your hot water either comes from an electric immersion or from running the heating system just to heat hot water. Both of these are very inefficient.

A solar panel excels at providing hot water during this time of the year when your hot water would otherwise be very expensive. During the winter, it will pre-heat your water – often to 35 or 40 degrees – reducing the work your heating system will have to do, but the main financial gains come in the summer months.

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