Junbro Catalog and Solar Water Heater Parts Brochure

File NameSizeDownload
Junbro Catalog0 MB
Stainless Steel Pipe Nipples0 MB
Two-Touch Fitting0 MB
Aluminum Fins0 MB
Solar Vacuum Tube0 MB
Vacuum Tube with Heat Pipe0 MB
Header Pipe of Solar Collector0 MB
Stainless Steel Screws0 MB

Electric Controllers Software Download

File NameSizeDownload
wifi configuration file1.78 MBdownload
SR1568169 KBdownload

Electric Controllers Manual Download

File NameSizeDownload
SR8821.44 MBdownload
SR2581.33 MBdownload
SR811.29 MBdownload
SR638F818.3 MBdownload
SR15351.07 MBdownload
SR988C14.48 MBdownload
SR8811.19 MBdownload
SR11H/SR21H993 KBdownload
SR11L/SR21L782 KBdownload
SR15684.59 MBdownload
SR5281.12 MBdownload
SR528Q1.28 MBdownload
SR961S/SR962S/SR962P1.60 MBdownload
SR981S/SR982S/SR982P1.90 MBdownload
SR208C1.39 MBdownload
SR500706 KBdownload
SR530F81.37 MBdownload
SR601490 KBdownload
SR609C993 KBdownload
SR618C61.85 MBdownload
SR728C12.02 MBdownload
SR868C8/SR868C8Q1.05 MBdownload
SR868C9953 KBdownload
SR1128982 KBdownload
SR2882.75 MBdownload
Download August 10, 2016

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