Stainless steel pipe fittings applications increases every year coming

Stainless steel pipe fittings originated in the 1980s , is an emerging industry . After more than 20 years of development and exploration , has begun to take shape . Wenzhou stainless steel pipe fittings industry in the country there is a certain visibility and influence . For 2001 , the production of stainless steel pipe fittings Wenzhou enterprise value of more than billion already has five , while more than 10 were rated municipal, district -star business. Wenzhou industry mainly produces stainless steel pipe fittings stainless steel pipe fittings and stainless steel pipe fittings stick on specifications, varieties , models have up to 400 kinds. Current production enterprises reached more than 130 , and are a good momentum of development and expansion , the company’s production capacity and scale are constantly expanding and enhancement .

In recent years , with the improvement of living standards, people began to focus attention on the issue of food security , which is invisible to the food processing and packaging manufacturer has brought a lot of pressure , valve manufacturer of stainless steel pipe fittings , although food processing and downstream packaging industry . For the current status of the domestic stainless steel pipe fittings , should take some measures , such as stainless steel head , flange manufacturers have a certain understanding.

Increased competition in the industry in the development of Stainless steel pipe fittings , tank top devices , taking over board , high-precision stainless steel butterfly valve and non-standard accessories and other products production and sales. Fought for many years in the industry , for every change and progress of the industry, the total items are fully understood , in the interview , I asked about the current situation in the domestic stainless steel valve fittings industry , the entry of the first sentence of the total is this: in front of more than a few years , and now the industry ‘s business too much, too intense competition in product sales .

Now society is the era of information explosion , experienced competitors in the product is inevitable , I think the existence of competition in the industry , for some enterprises, but is a good thing. Because of competition, the enterprises to improve product quality , improve service quality, consumers with less money to get a better or more consumer and services.

Market is a ” sieve ” , progress in the development of the industry , the market is survival of the fittest companies within the industry . For some competitive large enterprises , through competition , companies become more and more large -scale , visibility becoming increasingly high. But some do not have the competitive small and medium terms , it may be faced with the risk of being merged or closed down . When asked Wenzhou Longze core competitiveness , items always said, ” the core competitiveness of enterprises is the survival of the enterprise, compared to other companies in the industry , the price of our products , quality, technology and service , have a distinct advantage . ”

Technology leader in order to produce quality products Process technology, is a measure of whether a company has advanced, whether they have market competitiveness, whether it can keep ahead of the important indicators are based competitors.

With the rapid development of China’s steel pipe market , associated with the core production technology and R & D will become the focus of attention of the industry’s enterprises .

It is understood that , at present, there are about more than 3,000 domestic valve manufacturer , which ranked first in the world . But many of whom are low -level, small-scale , family-owned business, with annual sales income of 500 million yuan less than 500 , only a dozen billion in annual sales revenue over the enterprise , the market share of the top 10 enterprise market share and only 8% to 9 %. As the industry concentration is too low , resulting in a backward technology , low-cost competition , the lack of influential brands and many other negative factors, making such a large Chinese pipe valve market has still not brand the true sense .

The competitiveness of enterprises , the cost and product differentiation has always been the core factors, technological innovation can reduce the cost of the product , the same , the new mode of production will also provide help for the enterprise product differentiation , if companies can take advantage of its innovative energy , we will be able to beat rivals in the market dominant position . Of course, technological innovation itself has high investment, high risk, and therefore in the process of technological innovation , must establish a good market environment and policy conditions in order to fully stimulate innovation inherent power to create maximum value for the enterprise.

In today ‘s stainless steel valve fittings industry, competition can be described as growing, and growing product homogeneity , only technical innovation , product differentiation route to shape their core competitiveness breakout . Therefore, enterprises should always grasp the innovative initiative , seize market opportunities and technology opportunities , and make decisions for the company ‘s innovation , and constantly improve the level of innovation , as the mainstay of technological innovation , and take the road of innovation fit their own development , so that enterprises always maintain a strong vitality , continue to achieve new development.

Stainless steel pipe fittings industry’s future development trends Vehicle / Automotive

This is currently the fastest growing steel applications. Japan, the United States, Sweden and other countries have been widely used stainless steel vehicles. From the 1980s, Japan began to promote , present its stainless steel train car reached 60 %. Car industry is stainless steel applications development focus . Po new stainless steel exhaust pipe car mainly aimed at domestic luxury car market .

Water Industry

Thin-walled stainless steel water pipes are ready , storage, transportation , purification , recycling, desalination and other water industry ‘s best selection . Construction : China will accelerate the process of urbanization, as well as state-led development of the western residential construction and other projects, will stimulate growth in the stainless steel industry needs . China began to use thin-walled stainless steel pipes in 2000 , its industry standard introduced in 2001 , but the initial promotion and no large-scale use , but in recent years, as people’s awareness of environmental protection , safety and reliability of its thin-walled stainless steel pipes , environmental health , economic and other advantages apply to more and more people’s attention , currently in Beijing , Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places has been a professional manufacturer and is used in drinking water systems, hot water systems, heating systems.

Environmental industries

Industrial waste gas , waste and sewage treatment device requires the use of stainless steel. Chinese green sunrise industry “15” will have a rapid development period , in 2008 , China’s environmental protection industry output value is expected to reach 200 billion yuan , “fifth” period , China’s environmental protection industry, with an average annual growth rate of 15% about . This will boost demand of stainless steel , providing numerous opportunities for businesses and stainless steel traders .

Industrial facilities

Stainless steel ratio in developed countries is generally used in industrial facilities to 15 % -20 % , the proportion of domestic applications small. With the development of improved quality of products made of stainless steel and special grades of products, the domestic application of stainless steel industrial facilities will increase year by year in the future .

Appliance industry in the appliance industry , the largest stainless steel applications inner cylinder automatic washing machine , water heater , microwave and outside shell, refrigerator liners, and use more of ferritic stainless steel. Western Europe, a larger proportion of household stainless steel , Asia ex Japan closer to European levels than normal with less. Our microwave, refrigerator , air conditioning , television and other appliances industry is the largest market for stainless potential future applications development. It is estimated that the next 5-10 years , the field of stainless steel appliances expected consumption from 8% or even 10% , so as to drive the future development of the stainless steel industry . China’s home appliance industry, stainless steel pipe demand will reach 10 million -15 million tons.

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