In our company, Compromise at the cost of the product quality is absolutely not allowed. Only products that meet its standards can be delivered. Finished product inspection is one of the most important and necessary process.


After providing test report by supplier, we still will do sampling inspection of raw material of each batch and even authorize professional test agency to do chemical and physical test for our products.

From the beginning of raw material entering into warehouse, each process of stainless steel pipes, brass pipes, plastic and accessories is inspected and monitored.


Each procedure of manufacturing is recorded carefully and updated regularly. We ensure the quality inspection is implemented through entire machining process. Workers are trained regularly and machines are maintained. All of these are just to ensure our workers and machines are under the best condition.


All raw materials which failed during test will be rejected. All products which failed during test will be considered as defective products. They won’t be sold with low price or second-time machining, but sent to raw material factory to be melt down or disposed as rejection parts.



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