SR601 Controller

Product name:SR601 Controller
Package Size:495 mm × 170 mm × 65 mm
Package Weight:2.1 Kg
Apply to:Integrated Non-Pressurized Solar System
Guarantee Period:1 Year

Categories: Suitable For Integrated UN-Pressurized Solar System Tags: Controller
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1. Dimension: 170mmX128mmX40mm
2. Self power consumption: <3W
3. Measuring accuracy of temperature: ±2degree
4. Temperature range of measurement: 0degree to 99degree
5. Maximum power of controlled pump: ≤600W
6. Power of accompanied electrical heating wire: ≤800W
7. Electromagnetic valve parameter: DC 12V, AC 220V, pressurized valve and un-pressurized valve are available for selection.

※ operation pressure of pressurized valve: 0.02Mpa ~ 0.8Mpa, suitable for providing water directly
※ operation pressure of un-pressurized valve: 0.0Mpa, connected with water tank or low pressure water providing.

1. Water temperature display
2. Water level display
3. Water level pre-setup
4. Manual water loading
5. Temperature controlled water loading
6. Timing water loading
7. Water loading when tank is lack of water
8. Compulsive water loading
9. Increasing Water pressure during water is loaded.
10. Water temperature pre-setup
11. Manual heating
12. Hot water circulation
13. Hot water pipe insulation
14. Low pressure protection
15. Collector tube protection

SR601 working principle drawing

SR601 controller front view SR601 controller lateral view


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