Vacuum Tube with Heat Pipe

solar evacuated tube with heat pipe
Product name:Vacuum Tube with Heat Pipe
Item number:JB-THP
Apply to:Pressurized Solar Water Heater
Material:Copper, Aluminum Alloy, Glass
Guarantee Period:3 Years

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heat pipe drawing

Heat Pipe Workshop

vacuum tube with heat pipe drawing

Vacuum tube With Heat Pipe Workshop


Vacuum tube With Heat Pipe Technology Data

Evacuated Tube
Structure of Selective CoatingSS-AL-N/CU (Three layers)
Heat Pipe
Length1800 mm
Diameter of Heat PipeΦ8 mm
Diameter of CondenserΦ14 mm
Length of Condenser65 mm
Heat Transfer MediaInorganic Superconductive Working Media
(Patent in USA No.6, 132, 823)
MaterialTP2 Copper
Aluminum Fin
Material3003 Aluminum Alloy

The advantage

  1. Adopt three-target high efficiency solar vacuum tube
  2. High efficiency heat pipe:Condenser 14mm.copper pipe 8mm
  3. High purity Cu,more than 99.999999%
  4. 10 years quality guarantee, at least 15 years lifespan.

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