Heat Pipe Solar Collectors

heat pipe solar collectors
Product name:Heat Pipe Solar Collectors
Item number:JB-HPC
Apply to:Pressurized Solar Water Tank
Technical Support:Yes
Guarantee Period:5 Years

Categories: Material & Solar Water Heaters Tags: Heat Pipe, Pressurized Solar Tank
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The evacuated tube solar collector works by absorbing solar energy in the form of UV rays and converting it into thermal energy. An evacuated tube solar collector contains a number of evacuated tubes (we offer from 10 and 30).

A solar collector is not really a solar water heater. A solar water heater is a system which may include a tank, pump, controller and solar collector panel. A solar collector is that part of the system which absorbs the sun’s energy and converts it into heat.

Solar Collector Workshop

how many step to produce evacuated heat pipe solar collectors

Solar Collector Specification

ManifoldHeader pipeCopper [1.0mm]
InsulationRock wool
Flow typeHeat pipe
TubesHeat pipe materialTU1/TU2 copper
Heat pipe sizeTop:Φ14*1mm;Body:Φ8*0.6mm/0.7mm/0.8mm
Start-up Temperature of heat pipe<=30°C
Heat transfer fluidAnti_freeze Fluid (Water-Glycol)
Tube diameterΦ58/1800mm
Evacuated tubeHigh boron-silicon
Coating of absorber on glass tubeAluminium,stainless steel,copper
FrameFrame materialSUS201(1.2mm) or Aluminium alloy frame(3.0mm)
Maximum operation pressure (Bar)6

Solar Collector Information and Loading Datasheet

TypeTubesSupply hot waterAbsorbing AreaWeightDimensionQty. per 20FT/40FT/40HQ
SB-1800/58-1212pcs100L0.92m²46KGS1600*1110*1450110 / 220 / 267
SB-1800/58-1515pcs130L1.15m²58KGS1600*1350*145092 / 184 / 223
SB-1800/58-1818pcs160L1.37m²65KGS1600*1590*145077 / 154 / 187
SB-1800/58-2020pcs170L1.52m²72KGS1600*1750*145070 / 140 / 170
SB-1800/58-2424pcs200L1.83m²88KGS1600*2070*145060 / 120 / 146
SB-1800/58-3030pcs250L2.29m²110KGS1600*2550*145050 / 100 / 120

The advantage of solar thermal collector:

  1.  Optional material of manifold casing:food grade stainless steel or aluminum alloy
  2.  Adopt three-target high efficiency solar vacuum tube
  3.  High efficiency heat pipe: Condenser 14 mm. Copper pipe 8 mm
  4.  high purity Cu,more than 99.999999%
  5.  10 years quality guarantee with keymark certificate.

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