JB-OPS-9 Self-regulating Heating tapes

Product name:Self-regulating Heating tapes
Item number:JB-OPS-9
Apply to:Pipeline
Material:Copper wire
Guarantee Period:1 Year

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In the winter than the cold regions , it is strongly recommended that users install a self- limiting temperature associated with the tropics, solar water heater system can avoid blocking access to water freezing problems. Solar water heater with tropical convenient dedicated installation , high safety factor , low power consumption , make unimpeded access to water in winter . Also SR500 and SR601 applicable in one non-pressure solar water heater system , supporting a self-limiting temperature associated with tropical interface makes installation more convenient.


According heating pipe diameter is the thickness of the choice of different sizes of solar water heater dedicated self-limiting temperature electric heating cables . Power output is selected 10W / m · 10 ° C, 15W / m · 10 ° C, 25W / m · 10 ° C, the working voltage of 220V products , outdoor pipes sticking out of the water , and the contact and the end of the silica gel good sealing shrink tube , and then expand the cooling area of the electrical heating tape aluminum foil tape tightly attached to the pipe wall , with 15mm-20mm thick foam insulation and waterproof polyethylene burning package with good insulation and waterproof , connected power lines and leakage protection . Dedicated with tropical metal jacket or grille should be securely connected to the appropriate ground terminal.

heating cable installation

Aluminum foil glass fiber tape

Safety Precautions

  1. Dedicated with tropical leakage protection switch must be installed ;
  2. Different climatic environments should use the appropriate product model ;
  3. With tropical rock wool insulation materials , etc. please use flame-retardant materials ;
  4. Dedicated with tropical laying is fixed, non- ordinary tape all wrapped , 10cm-15cm aluminum foil tape winding, proper installation to avoid an accident should occur at intervals ;
  5. The first special with tropical termination power line , the first end of the head to do the waterproofing treatment ;
  6. Non- exclusive , with tropical exposed exterior insulation layer , otherwise it will increase energy consumption, reduce the service life ;
  7. Failure to choose the right way , when you install the product , will be prone to accidents.

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