Header Pipe of Solar Collectors

manifold header pipe for solar collector
Product name:Header Pipe of Solar Collectors
Item number:JB-HDP
Apply to:Heat Pipe Solar Collectors
Guarantee Period:5 Years

Categories: Featured Products Tags: Copper, Heat Pipe
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Header Pipe is one of the most important part of solar collector, the material is red copper, thickness is 1.0mm. Outer diameter is 35mm. The both ends need to be shorten to 22mm. Usually we adopt center distance 80mm for condenser position, vacuum tube is 58mm. In very rare instances, people use 47/1500 tubes, so we need to shorten the center distance to 70mm or 60mm.

We produce header pipe by full-automatic machine, it can control center distance strictly. Finish welding of the cap of condenser, header pipe need to through pressure test under 12 bars in 10 minutes.

header pipe of solar collector manifold drawing

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