Solar Water Heaters Aluminum Fins

aluminum fins
Product name:Aluminum Fins
Item number:JB-AFI
Apply to:Pressurized Solar Water Heater
Material:Aluminum Alloy
Guarantee Period:3 Years

Categories: Featured Products Tags: Aluminum Alloy, Heat Pipe
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We supply solar water heaters aluminum fins for heat pipe and U-type collectors. It is made by quality aluminum alloy, roundness is good. Aluminum fin is used to support heat pipe inside vacuum tube. it close inside wall of tube, can improve heat transfer to condenser of heat pipe.

LenghtThicknessApproximate Weight
1620 mm0.20 mm150 g
1620 mm0.25 mm180 g
1620 mm0.30 mm230 g
1620 (U-type)0.25 mm200 g

sectional of aluminum fin

U Type Aluminum Fins

U type aluminum fins

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