Aluminum Heat Pipe Collector Assembly Instructions

Aluminum Heat Pipe Collector Assembly Instructions
With reflector, Back leg (optional)


Please take time to read this manual and familiarize yourself with the function of this product.

★ Notice

  1. Consult or hire professionals in your area for your installation, the lightening arrester should be considered in installation.
  2. The system has to be mounted facing south.
  3. All exposed piping should be insulated properly to prevent heat loss and provide freezing protection. In the areas with ambient temperature under -5℃, electric heating wire can be served as the solution of piping freezing. Switch off the power before operation.
  4. Any modifications on the structures of water heater might lead to problems during service.

◆ The most obvious advantages of Heat pipe solar collector

    • – Can be installed individually or combined with a traditional system;
    • – Withstand pressure;
    • – Can operate with occasional tubes breakage and be replaced easily;
    • – Works well in low-irradiance day with an electric booster
    • – How to avoid cold water and hot water mixing?
    • If the outflow rate is limited within 8L/min, through a lot of testing such phenomenon is not obvious.
    • – How to clean clime after heat pipe has been used for a long time?
    • Carefully remove collector tubes, screw loose the heat pipe, clean the top end with decontamination.
    • – What are the requirements for the piping and connections?
    • Choose good aluminum and plastic compounds whose heat-resistance is over 90°C. And ask local professionals install your purchased solar water heater.

Introduction of Aluminum Heat Pipe Collector

heat pipe collector 3D drawing

A: Manifold
Manfold1 pc
B: Reflector
Reflector12-20tubes, 2pcs
24-30tubes, 4pcs
C: Bottom supportBottom support1 pc
D: Front legFront leg12-20tubes, 2pcs
24-30tubes, 3pcs
E: Tube holderTube holder12-20tubes, 12-20pcs
24-30tubes, 24-30pcs
F: BaseboardBaseboard12-20tubes, 2pcs
24-30tubes, 3pcs
G: Heat pipeHeat pipe12-20tubes, 12-20pcs
24-30tubes, 24-30pcs
H: ConnectorConnector12-20tubes, 6pcs
24-30tubes, 9pcs
I: Thermal
Thermal<br />
Compound1 pc
J: ScrewsScrews-

◆ The installation procedure of the solar collector

1. Put the two pieces of the front legs in the right position.

2. Connecting reflector with right and left front leg by screws and then connecting bottom support with front leg.

Connecting reflector with front legs

3. Fix the manifold and tube holders:

Fix the manifold and tube holders

【Please ignore contents of this page if collectors without back leg】

K: back legback leg12-20tubes, 2pcs
24-30tubes, 3pcs
L: Upright Diagonal barUpright Diagonal bar12-20tubes, 2pcs
24-30tubes, 4pcs
M: Diagonal barDiagonal bar12-20tubes, 2pcs
24-30tubes, 3pcs

collector fix back leg and plug heat pipe vacuum tubes

【24tubes or 30tubes collector installation】

24tubes connect reflectors, 30tubes connect reflectorscomplete heat pipe collector without back leg

4. Insert the Heat pipes:

plug into heat pipe vacuum tubes
use Thermal Grease on Condensing head of heat pipe

Series Connection and Parallel Connection

Series Connection and Parallel Connection

Installation photos Gallery

Specifications of Solar Collector

Weight for Manifold(KG)1012.5141721.5
Packing Size for manifold1130*170*1901610*170*1901770*170*1902090*170*1902570*170*190
Weight for Heat Pipe(KG)30.345.550.56076
Weight for Frame(KG)
Packing Size for Frame2060*130*1302060*130*1302060*130*1302440*130*1302440*130*130
Weight of the Collector(KG)44.662.869.984.2105.4
Size of the Collector(KG)1110*20601590*20601750*20602070*20602550*2060
InsulationRock WoolRock WoolRock WoolRock WoolRock Wool
Absorbing Area(m2)0.961.441.61.922.4
Max. Operating Pressure(MPa)
Max. Title Angle60°60°60°60°60°
Min. Title Angle20°20°20°20°20°
Hailstone Resistance≤ Ø25mm≤ Ø25mm≤ Ø25mm≤ Ø25mm≤ Ø25mm
Wind Resistance≤30m/s≤30m/s≤30m/s≤30m/s≤30m/s
Snow load470mm thick snow on record470mm thick snow on record470mm thick snow on record470mm thick snow on record470mm thick snow on record
Note: the air vent and the expansion tank are needed to prevent the pressure drop.

pdfView Aluminum Heat Pipe Collector Assembly Instructions Without reflector

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